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How to choose international express?

1 If you leave small pieces of cargo without requiring the time, then I suggest you choice EMS, (EMS, ExpressMail Service, he is the founder of the Universal Postal Union) because the price is cheaper counted. Of course, international parcel is also a good choice, the price is cheaper than EMS, China Post parcel as the cheapest few dollars can go to the world. But aging is relatively slow. No requirements suitable for aging customers.

2, if the required time to fast, then, see you go to that country, North America, South America, as well as the United Kingdom, the fastest in these regions is UPS (UPS in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States) and DHL (DHL in 1986 by China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation and DHL Worldwide Express inject half of the establishment). But still a little difference, 5.5 kg of goods relatively cheaper DHL, 6 kg to 21 kg started following words UPS would be much cheaper than DHL. 21 kg to 100 kg of cargo began DHL is cheaper than the UPS. If it is 100 kg of cargo, UPS will cheaper than DHL.

3 Now talk about TNT, TNT is the Netherlands' largest courier companies in Western European countries clearance capacity than DHL, UPS, EMS should be stronger. But the price, then we would be more expensive than other companies out a lot. If you have a need to send some of the more important cargo, then again faster time, customs clearance and strong, but they are not afraid of your words, I suggest you choose TNT.

4, the courier company's service contrast. EMS service quality is relatively not very good, the first transit time is very unstable, the price is. Some developed countries often appear to be something more than N days, the online feedback cargo delivery information is also very slow. Internet the day after the show is expected to be sent to overseas flights after no information, playing less than 11185 also check.

5, while TNT, UPS, DHL time these big companies are more punctual, cargo feedback was also relatively fast, are generally the first time feedback to your company's website, so I strongly recommend to you here in transit valuables when first choice, DHL, TNT, UPS, do not use EMS.

6, but EMS is our Chinese localization company in the end, I have to say about EMS and we have one of the biggest advantage is they do not compare to any other company, that is when your goods in foreign withholding customs words, EMS on can help you shipped back for free. Other large companies, then shipped back will help you overcharged cargo freight shipped back from abroad, and is not discounted, high prices do not understand.

7, the final say FedEx, FEDEX in Southeast Asia can be said that the first four companies, regardless of price or speed. In the 21 kg more than the price of the goods is tantamount FedEx DHL, UPS half the speed of transportation is the same, so everyone in the hair 21 kilograms of the goods to Southeast Asia, then please select FedEx. The amount on the declaration: the declaration suggest that you try not to be worth $ 30 on the report. Because the value of the reported high, you pay in foreign tariffs will be a lot of consignee. And in the clearance area will be more strict, often withhold goods, then let your recipient to produce the relevant commercial invoice. Add that there is, and why you want to report the value of 30 dollars, the biggest reason is that Western European countries Customs on small pieces of cargo will be worth 30 dollars more stringent checks.