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TNT International Express Corporation is a leading global express postal service provider for corporate and individual clients with a full range of courier and postal services.Jarry TNT International Express Hong Kong agent, price is the preferred international courier services.

Service Advantage

1, TNT Greater China is the branch of TNT Express, covering China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Greater China, TNT has about 17,000 professional staff. 2, TNT China offers international express and domestic land transport service outlets throughout the country everywhere. It has 26 branches and three international express international express crossings. TNT, through its wholly-owned road transport companies world Arima, operates the nation's largest private land delivery network. Domestic land under the jurisdiction of its 1,250 business outlets, service covering more than 500 cities in China. In addition, TNT also provide China with industry-leading direct marketing services. 3, TNT Hong Kong always adhere to customer-centric. And out of China as a major gateway, TNT Hong Kong to provide customers with comprehensive international and cross-border services. 4, TNT Taiwan to provide customers with first-class service experience. Stable and experienced management team has built an outstanding Taiwanese TNT courier operators, and can consistently provide customers with innovative delivery solutions.

Delivery aging

Priority Courier Service: the reference time 2-4 business days

Economy Courier Service: the reference time 3-7 business days

- This limitation is wrapped Internet (Hong Kong Federal Express package is received) to the recipient received this shipment date, except in exceptional circumstances! Aging with each delivery destination customs clearance time and flight arrangements.

Volume weight limit

Please contact customer service

Price Tariff

TNT International Express prices please log in Foreshore Home: http://www.tnt.com queries;

TNT International Express query

Tracking and tracing website: http://www.tnt.com


1 to generate the destination country tariffs prevail (typically generate higher declared value is relatively high tariffs, if declared value than the actual value is too low, will produce relatively high punitive tariffs).

Claims related

1 For a few pieces, out of stock, damaged parcel if the addressee received the parcel weight, quantity, number does not match, a parcel damaged, please within 24 hours of receipt of the parcel recipient destination TNT Express feedback is lost or damaged situation. And seven working days to the recipient at the local registration number to the Division I record. TNT verification, the maximum compensation for the free shipping, the compensation package declared value, the maximum does not exceed 100USD, some damaged or lost according to actual percentage of the total number of lost compensation, but does not exceed the maximum compensation USD100.

2. Packet loss caused by customs checks at the customs open the package check may result in loss of parcels, parcel missing items, or customs seizure, my company does not bear any responsibility.

Restriction Send article

1 aviation embargo dangerous goods, liquids, powders, gambling, engines, motors, etc..

2 State banned the export of goods, such as antiques, precious metals, currencies, and other infringing products.

Operating requirements

Upload orders

1 item description:

When reporting commodity items required to complete parcels English name, the value of individual items, the number of items; reporting name for the time required to complete gift [Unsolicited Gifts Not For Resale]; clothing and other textiles for items need to fill in applications, ingredients, weave detailed description of such information; For video and other audio-visual products, you need to fill out the video summary, length, time, and shipping purposes.

2 Declared Value:

FedEx declared value is not required, customers can decide for themselves fill in the amount recommended by the actual declared value of goods declared to avoid high tariffs and penalties.

Please note that packaging to packaging requirements intact and not easily damaged, in addition to the outside address label bags outside, try not to identify with other unrelated, the best packaging for fragile items are fragile signs, in the middle of the front parcels , paste from Foreshore system print address labels, please properly packaged to avoid your parcel damaged in transit.