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Hongkong Post

One, the Hong Kong package (HKP large package)

Hong Kong is also called big bag big bag Hongkong Post, Hongkong Post, Hong Kong Post Large Parcel Service opened a suitable weight more than 2kg, length is less than 1.5 m large parcel airmail services ranging up to the world, the normal shipping time is 7-12 days.

Customers only need to fill out a waybill can be shipped the next day online tracking and tracing. Hong Kong-related charges according to transport goods package weight and country of destination varies for different countries weight limit and size restrictions also have the corresponding standards.

Second, Hong Kong package (HKP large package) advantage

1) cheap, compared to other modes of transport, the Hong Kong parcel has the absolute price advantage.

2) convenient and relatively easy to be posted, you can reach around the world, as long as the local post office can be reached (except for very few countries).

3) quick, off-shore processing time of only 1-3 days. Far superior to the mainland parcel 2-7 days. Europe and the United States super-fast!

4) credibility advantage. Freeport Hong Kong as Asia's largest countries in the world has a better reputation advantages, and it is a global super financial center, has a sound legal system, can give your customers and partners a credible impression, no doubt your business promotion and development very helpful.

6) excellent prices, aging fast, substitution rate! Hong Kong Post Air launched a large package of services are recognized worldwide as the best aviation big bag. Normal aging 6 ,7-12 days to the day.

7) transit speed. Hong Kong as an international aviation hub, Asia's largest transit center! Flight transfer speed is much higher than other regions. The service e-mail sent to Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries adept clearance

Third, a large bag of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Post big bag) goods limits

Weight limit: 2kg <= weight <= 30kg

Size limits:


P: length <= 1.05m, length + girth <= 2m

XP: length <= 1.05m, length + girth <= 3m (United States, Puerto Rico: length <= 1.05m, length + girth <= 2.75m)


Not in coils Mail: Length * width> = 90mm x 140mm

Scroll-like e-mail: 2 * diameter + length> = 170mm, maximum size> = 100mm

Fourth, a large bag of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Post large package) billing price

Directly from Hongkong Post's website billing methods, through the Hong Kong Post website: http://sc.hongkongpost.com/gb/www.hongkongpost.com/chi/postage/overseas/parcel/air/index.htm you can Price on request.

Announced price: The first weight 0.5kg/1kg prices + added weight of 0.5kg Price * Quantity

Billing method: publish price + over port charges 1 yuan / KG * Weight (5KG less than the price per ticket shall be charged on the basis of another 20 yuan processing fees)

Five, Hong Kong parcel operating requirements

1 Hong Kong parcel courier waybill, transport sender address unified asked to fill in our address. If the sender address in Hong Kong can be no unity fill our Hong Kong address: POBOX NO.87341, TO KWA WAN POST OFFICE, HONGKONG

2 Hong Kong parcel courier waybill requirements Sent Sent single customer can not take away. For courier items due siphoned waybill Didan delays caused by the sender of the goods, our company has the final say.

3 To facilitate the destination customs inspection, the sender must complete, correct and clearly fill in Hong Kong parcel consignment item name, declared value, or may cause delays or even e-mail was confiscated;

4 Name of goods can not be generally complete, such as: sample or parts.

Six, the Hong Kong package (HKP large package) queries, aging

Departure information packets can HKP be found on the official website:


Additional information packets can be selected countries query link address:

Seven, disclaimer

(1) due to the inherent flaws or send material prop essence ingredients for loss or damage arising; or destination customs authorities due to suspected illegal shipments, resulting buckle, customs clearance delays; wrong product description, error reporting, is too low Error reporting or other cause while shipments forfeiture, destruction, confiscation or detention, etc.;

(2) caused by improper packaging shipment delays or damage;

(3) change the recipient name or address, or a successful delivery after posting back pieces again caused delivery delays and failure to complete this extra service;

(4) when the messages are delivered to packaging intact, no traces dismantled, and the recipient has to sign the required formalities, after the recipient has lost the inner parts found

Or damaged;

(5) due to natural disasters, political factors, strikes, nuclear explosion or war arising from delay, loss or destruction.

Tips: About China Hong Kong parcel wrapped back pieces

China and Hong Kong postal parcel wrapped abroad back pieces are all costs. China wrap is made much freight, return to refund according to your choice to receive the corresponding freight, postal charges will have the credentials to give the corresponding sender (China parcel waybill waybill can choose what channel returned by). Hong Kong is made much freight, returned to collect much shipping. Then returned to the mainland and import charges. Customers fill in a single time to confirm whether you want returned. If not filled, the company abandoned pieces of default. Please know!