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UPS international express company as the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company and a provider of specialized transportation, logistics, and e-commerce services, leading provider. Jarry Hong Kong UPS international express an agent, price is the preferred international courier services.

Service Advantage

Scope - Services covered 220 countries and regions

Price - Taiwan's official price of HK UPS Express 2-6 fold

Aging - worldwide delivery 2-5 days Tuotou

Query - Query full details parcel delivery online information

Prices, surcharges, tariffs

1.UPS price available on the web directly query: http://www.ups.com (UPS official price is 2-6 fold)

2.UPS volumetric weight is calculated as: length cm X width cm X height cm / 5000, if the weight is greater than the actual weight of cargo volume, press the volume weight billing, two persons whichever is greater.

3 remote Surcharge: RMB 3.5/KG * (1 + monthly fuel), the lowest closing a ticket RMB 171 * (1 + monthly fuel).

4 Change of Address Fee: Each additional 77 yuan, up 273 yuan per ticket.

5 destinations sender pay import taxes related surcharges 125 yuan / vote.

6 subject to specific clearance fees (typically generate higher declared value is relatively high tariffs, if the declared value than the actual value is too low, also have relatively high tariffs, such as the recipient to pay customs duties, tariffs will be automatically to the sender to pay the cost deducted from the sender's account)

Reference aging

Reference Delivery time :2-5 working days. Aging has been delivered to the recipient receives this Internet Express prevail.

In case of customs check cars and other irresistible factors, delivery timeliness would have been subject to customs clearance.

UPS international express queries

UPS international express queries

UPS Tracking, on the website: http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/index.jsx query

Volume weight limit

1.The following shipment shall be added 40RMB per piece: (The following is a duplicate charges, provided that they meet additional conditions, the cumulative surcharge).

a) irregular goods;

b) Non-carton packaging;

c) the longest side exceeding 152CM;

d) second-longest side exceeding 76CM;

e) one-piece solid weight over 32KG.

(2) The following shall be added Shipments 388RMB per piece: (The following is a duplicate charges, provided that they meet additional conditions, the cumulative additional)

a) the longest side exceeding 270CM;

b) two short sides together * 2 long sides together over 330CM (but not more than 419CM once again subject to 388 yuan per piece);

c) one-piece solid weight more than 68 kg (including 68 kg).

Another: UPS does not receive a single piece weight over 70 kg package, but the total weight of each vote unlimited.

Above 40 and 388 are to be subject to double counting incur additional fees.

Prohibit, restrict posting articles

Prohibitions: fake brand fake brand goods, spray containers, alcoholic liquids, asbestos, butane lighters, medical waste, toxic materials, corrosive materials, counterfeit money, drugs, dry ice, inflammable and explosive materials, obscene materials, more than the standard magnetic materials, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, solubility paint, and other local laws prohibit mailing items.

Restrict posting items: battery, with battery items, emergency drugs for medical or scientific research, sporting firearms, live animals, did not exceed the standard magnetic items, perishable goods, radioactive materials, vaccines, etc.

Claims related

Terms of Service parcel by UPS claims, but the maximum compensation per shipment does not exceed $ 100.

Order Operation

1 Upload orders / print address labels;

2 freight mode selection;

3. Recipient's name, country, address, zip code, telephone, freight way, item description, quantity and declared value of goods required for the upload; and completed in English, does not accept other minority languages declared.

Packaging requirements

1 Packet positive intermediate position paste from Foreshore logistics system inside print address labels;

(2) to be stressed is that, Foreshore printed address in Hong Kong, chartered accounts, declarations and air bubble bag envelopes, labels, only adapted to use Hong Kong Post registered parcel post delivery and surface mail, courier parcels EU can not use this envelopes, Foreshore blank bubble bag envelopes provided, if necessary, please contact Customer Service Commissioner purchase; users can also use your own packaging materials, but there is nothing on the packaging is not the word.