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Southeast Asia line

Southeast Asia is China's important trading partners, especially in recent years, some processing enterprises relocation to Vietnam, Cambodia and China's neighboring countries,

more to promote the trade between the two sides and also increased the relative demand for logistics,

Jarry logistics according to customer demand, in Vietnam and Cambodia for their successful development of bilateral business, operating the diverse needs of customers goods.
The customs clearance mode of Vietnam and Kampuchea is basically the same as that of our country.

According to the experience of operation, the business requirements of the customers are as follows:
the agent for the export tax rebate, import duty free goods transportation.
This form of trade, the two sides are both the formal declaration of the operation, but also the future of the mainstream business model,

referring to customers in China and Vietnam are in the customs have a record of the enterprise, the goods in the Chinese export tax rebate, in Vietnam to handle import customs data.
Operation process is as follows:
(1) we shall assist the customer to record and handle the customs registration and authorization of the company's export verification form and customs declaration electronic manual.
(2) the Secretary for transport and the agency for the declaration of the transport and customs clearance.
(3) the customer provides details of the carriage of goods, the form of invoices and samples.
(4) the customer shall handle the import customs declaration information in vietnam.

By the Secretary for import and export customs declaration, the customer to bear the freight transportation, and can be the agent of the export tax rebate business
This form of trade, is currently the more common, can help customers save less valuable time, customers in China, especially in Vietnam than their own declaration,

or in China or state-owned non declaration documents, can be referred to by our company responsible for agent import and export declarations.

Operation process is as follows:
(1) the customer shall provide a detailed list of goods.
(2) the detailed technical information, sample or sample photo of the customer.
(3) the import tariff of the company's query destination country. (currently, Vietnam and Kampuchea are a lot of products are zero tariff)
   Customers bear the freight, customs clearance agents, but also to bear the import tariff of the destination country.

  If the export of goods in China needs to be a tax rebate, the customer must provide the corresponding data

in accordance with the tax rebate program. Division I also can provide door-to-door transportation, is the so-called DDP service, as long as the guests in a domestic telephone, all things can be by us to complete.
import and export of goods by the customs and customs (DDP).
Customers simply provide a list of goods, bear with the tax and fee tied together in the shipping, I Division a quote, is the door to door to the package tax price.

Customers do not need any customs information, only to provide the details of the goods.

Logistics solution
Jarry logistics, according to the accumulated in the industry for more than 10 years of operational experience, can be for different customers' needs, to provide different logistics solutions.

And provide logistics consulting, planning, operation of one-stop service, save time and cost for the enterprise, save logistics costs and optimize the process.

In the industry, the company provides a good platform for the guests to provide a very thorough import and export and logistics solutions!