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A, DHL international courier service description

International express courier DHL is the global market leader in the industry. Can arrive 220 countries and regions, covering more than 120,000 destinations (mainly postal area code area) network, provided to corporate and private customers courier and courier services. DHL International Express, whether documents or parcels, whether immediate, limited or restricted day delivery, DHL International Express can provide a service that meets your needs, Jarry DHL Express Hong Kong logistics agent in China, reasonable price, fast delivery , is your preferred international courier services.

Second, prices, surcharges, tariffs

1) DHL international express price

HKDHL prices may direct inquiries on the website:

HKDHL volume weight is calculated as follows: length cm X width cm X height cm / 5000, if the weight is greater than the actual weight of cargo volume, press the volume weight charge, whichever is greater.

2) DHL international express surcharge

Remote Surcharge: shipment destined for remote areas subject to remote areas surcharge (excluding the U.S.), the standard is: RMB 3.6/KG * (1 + monthly fuel), the lowest consumption per ticket RMB 162 * (1 + monthly fuel ); DHL query remote site at: http://remoteareas.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp our operators will follow the code or city name check whether the remote website not one hundred percent clear standards, but in the end are DHL bill prevail. Such as DHL bill requires additional remote display for the remote fee, the company will automatically receive this piece remote fees.

Textiles Cost: textiles a ticket plus 50 yuan (U.S. $ 60, Nigeria is not connected textiles)

Fuel Surcharge: HKDHL fuel surcharge already included in the shipping in the

3) DHL international courier tariffs

Subject to specific clearance fees (typically generate higher declared value is relatively high tariffs, if the declared value than the actual value is too low, also have relatively high tariffs) If the recipient refuses to pay customs duties, tariffs will be sent automatically by the parts alone.

Third, the reference aging

DHL parcel delivery warehouse from the start to the reference period of limitation for normal delivery 2-7 working days (this prescription for express access to the recipient received this shipment only), except in exceptional circumstances! Aging with each delivery destination customs clearance time and flight arrangements is closely related.

Fourth, the tracking service

Goods leave Foreshore logistics processing center over Hong Kong after the day you can successfully query sites to see HKDHL recipient records, HKDHL site can query to tracking information, and can be found in the sign of time and names.

For Division I deal with DHL's piece will have tracking number after delivery, normally shipped from our company after two working days of the Internet. Internet access is provided by our company after the tracking number can be used as reference information for real-time tracking, query methods are as follows:

1) Please log in DHL International Express check website: http://www.cn.dhl.com/publish/cn/zh/eshipping/track/sref.high.html

2) Click on Shipper's Reference Tracking;

3) fill in the sender information fields that reference provided by our company tracking number, and then fill out the shipment date range from the column, you can click the Trace button down, note the date of this column filled earlier than the time of delivery.

Five, the volume weight limit

Single longest side does not exceed 1.2 m, single-piece does not exceed 70KG, for long overweight single parcel before delivery please contact our customer service staff.

A) the goods sent to Nigeria, one-piece weight can not exceed 50KG, single vote does not exceed 50KG, suggested split into multiple votes, each vote weighing not more than 50KG;

2) express mail sent to Angola, one-piece weight can not exceed 50KG, single vote does not exceed 250KG;

3) sent to Tunisia single piece weight can not exceed 30KG, single vote does not exceed 40KG;

4) express mail sent to Algeria, a single piece can not exceed 40KG.

Long overweight surcharge is calculated as follows:

A) a single number (ie a ticket goods), no matter how many pieces, as long as one or more of which side is longer than 120CM or weigh more than 70KG, HKDHL will receive 176 * (1 + monthly fuel) RMB / ticket surcharge;

2) a single number (ie a ticket goods), no matter how many items, if there is one side longer than 120CM, while another piece weighs more than 70KG, HKDHL also received only 176 * (1 + monthly fuel) RMB / ticket surcharges, namely: a single number (ie a ticket goods) will only be charged once 176 * (1 + monthly fuel) RMB / ticket surcharge.

VI Prohibitions

1) aviation embargo dangerous goods, liquid, powder and so on. Countries banned the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and other infringing products.

2) to provide additional information on the items

 ? Send batteries and battery included items, must provide MSDS certificate and battery letter (must provide original) (If necessary, please contact customer service)

 ? Mailed brand must provide formal purchase invoice or authorization.

3) can not send motors, engines and the like product.

Seven, insurance and claims

1, a parcel insurance, insurance fees and compensation at Foreshore logistics "Insurance Services" describes the implementation of the provisions.

2, uninsured parcels claims the following terms:

1) For small pieces, out of stock, damaged parcels

If the recipient receives a parcel weight, quantity, number does not match, a parcel damaged, please within 24 hours of receipt of the parcel recipient destination DHL feedback loss or breakage. And seven working days to the recipient at the local registration number to the Division I record for the DHL survey claims. As verified by DHL, free shipping for the maximum compensation, the compensation package of the declared value, the maximum does not exceed 100USD, some damaged or lost according to actual percentage of the total number of lost compensation, but does not exceed the maximum compensation USD100.

2) Since customs checks caused by loss of parcels

Parcels in through customs, the customs open parcels checked, may lead to loss of parcels, parcels within the article (in whole or in part) is lost, or customs seized. Foreshore logistics does not assume any responsibility for the resulting.

Eight, customer order system operation

1) Item Description

When you need to fill in the declaration name and number of the actual commodity. Do not accept gifts or sample declared.

2) Declared Value

HKDHL on the declared value is not required, the customer can decide for themselves fill in the amount recommended by the actual declared value of the goods declaration, in order to avoid high tariffs and penalties.

3) the recipient address

HKDHL not accept PO BOX mail address, the recipient must provide telephone, fill in the above information should use English to fill in the other languages not.

Nine, customer order packaging requirements

Please note that the packaging to be intact, not easily damaged, in addition to the outside address label bags outside, try not to identify with other unrelated, the best packaging for fragile items are fragile signs, in the middle of the front parcels, stickers Foreshore logistics logistics system from the inside to print address labels, please carefully packed for your package to avoid damage in transit.

Ten, back pieces

HKDHL If the recipient is unable to sign because, unable to enter the parcel at the Customs office of destination within the prescribed period or does not provide treatment advice, which led package was returned to sender, return from the country of destination will be in Hong Kong or Shenzhen freight senders commitment. Foreshore logistics will automatically be deducted on the sender account related fees (Foreshore will provide DHL logistics costs associated with billing)