Jarry Air Cargo(HK) Limited

Packaging Considerations

Packaging Note:

1 Avoid using too much printed material or surface box: Do not use too much cross-border transport, there are too many or all of the printed surface is patterned boxes.

2 Avoid using bad or not easily deformed solid box: Do not use a broken box, although you could make a case once again play a role, but your goods can be

May therefore be damaged in transit. Also, do not use easily deformed and infirm boxes.

3 to avoid the use of inferior filler: Do not waste paper shredder or other inferior materials used to fill the gap box, if poor quality filler, they are

Buffering effect may not play.

4 boxes and avoid leaving any gaps between items: If there is a gap, items will be shaking in the meantime, make the gap is growing, causing the cushioning material will lose their effectiveness, you

The goods may be damaged.

5 Avoid using any shape strange packaging: for example, using a cylindrical packing boxes or bags may be rolled in transport trucks or containers. Style peculiar shape

Boxes and bags, you may transport goods to you unnecessary trouble.

6 Avoid using envelopes sent items: Do not use envelopes sent valuable or fragile items. Practice has proved that the use of envelopes sent items, it may be stuck in the mail sorter

Li, and articles are not subject to any effective protection.

7 Address should write detailed and accurate: Do not use a pencil, pen to write the address, they may change during transport blurred.

Shipping method selection principle

1 From the buyer's point of view; sellers should provide buyers of the goods purchased do consider all aspects, including freight, safety, delivery speed, whether tariffs;

(2) as far as possible to meet the product safety and speed in the case, for the buyers choose cheap freight services.

3 transport of goods without beautiful packaging, the focus is safe and fast delivery of products will be sold in the hands of buyers.

4 The China Post air parcel and EMS courier service for the majority of Chinese cross-border transactions Seller adoption of transportation.

5 Even with more experience, but also the situation of all the buyers can not be estimated, so the choice to the buyer is more appropriate in the item description only need to show that the support

Mode of transport, and then determine whether a default mode of transportation, so if there are other buyers will need to contact the seller from.

6 Some buyers may be suitable for a variety of shipping methods, you can write your usual way and discounts for buyers to save part of the freight, but also for you to earn more repeat business