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Courier company: Middle East Express English Name: ARAMEX
Aramex is the world's first domestic express delivery, Arabia is the only one in the NASDAQ listed companies in Arabia. Fadi Ghandou Lebanon who, in the 1960s moved to Jordan. His father was a founder of the Royal Jordanian Airlines, Fadi Ghandour1982, he with friends raised the money, the founder of a mini FedEx, in the Middle East engaged in express. At that time, there was only one global express delivery company in Arabia DHL. Fadi was not set up in the Middle East to us, such as FedEx and Airborne Express, said when they can join. The company of the Arabs, the Middle East, know how to overcome all the inconvenience of the Middle East. Airborne had positive reaction, Fadi use this to establish business, put some small freight company merger or alliance, from Egypt to Turkey, has been to India, Pakistan, Iran, create their own local area network. Airborne unlike FedEx so rich, but in the global set up, so the airborne gathered about 40 like Aramex regional suppliers, consisting of a virtual global delivery network. The franchisee, express is a global network of a FedEx or a space for one person, with a length of DHL computerized query system. At that time, they were not likely to have these two kinds of. Aramex is the first external use of the Airborne system. Aramex's staff to the system with proficiency, it is Airborne please go, to the world to join the business to do system installation and training. Later Airborne bought Aramex9% shares, the relationship between the two become more closely. All operations are long, Aramex has dominated the express delivery market throughout Arabia, Xinglong.

1997, Aramex listed in Nasdaq, growth to nearly $two hundred million in revenue, 3200 employees, business is from the people, this is very unusual in the world of Arabia. In 2003, Arborne was acquired by DHL. Airborne announced that since January 1, 2004, the original alliance partner will not be able to use its search system. Farewell, we live happily. The big Airborne can become a bit flat, the little guy can also make Aramex a step up, instead of big. In the Airborne announced its acceptance of merger, dissolution of the league, Fadi Ghandour will convene a meeting in London to join the main partners. The first thing to do is to set up a new alliance. Aramex to ensure the development of a new Internet based platform for the investigation system, the Airborne system will be completed before the start of the operation. This is tantamount to announcing that the Aramex of this mouse to replace the elephant. January 2004, Aramex line, the convergence is no flaws. Aramex use is the Internet platform, do not have to send Aramex to install, it is not necessary to join
Business training. Joining providers can set up their own customer database through the Aramex system, to carry out their own track pieces, to do this new virtual global freight network of a molecule.

Today, Aramex has more than forty joined partners. Arabia is the world's first domestic express, is also the only one in the NASDAQ listed companies in Arabia. The strength of the network in all corners of the world and the world is being covered in Arabia. Arab
The company knows the Middle East, know how to overcome the unique to the Middle East, the various inconvenience. The sender and recipient information ready as long as 4 copies of the commercial invoice the goods to ARAMEX or ARAME agent can sleep without any anxiety. Anne
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Distribution center: Dubai
Cover the main areas: throughout the Middle East territory without blind delivery, no remote charges.
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Region. "Middle East" does not belong to the formal geographical terms. Major countries, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, Israel, Iraq, South Africa, Bangladesh
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