Jarry Air Cargo(HK) Limited

Our culture

1, we should always remember that the strength of the entire company. And recognizing that every person and collaboration between business units have to be made to our growth is essential.

2, must be within the scope of the whole company to develop and strictly enforce certain this policy. We welcome all levels of staff across the company's policy recommendations. Meanwhile, we hope that staff at all levels in the implementation of these policies at any time.

3, leading management to strictly enforce the 21 leadership principles:

1, We are looking for opportunities to people, not the title of claimants. We create and produce rather than sit back and enjoy.

2, we are subject to value-driven. By the performance-oriented.

3, we ate their biscuits, eggs gambling in our own basket.

4, we sprint for marathon training. We pause, entertainment, but do not give up, always learning

5, we as the successor program to train future leaders.

6, the action is to test the standard language, "If you do not practice, you will not believe."

7, if we can not raise enthusiasm enthusiasm, excellent service and marketing, we can not lead.

8, we believe that our marketing and services.

9, when we provide excellent service, we offer additional irreplaceable value.

10, no friendly competitor.

11, we believe that a disciplined lean organization. We prefer to buy a grand piano, a person does not employ unnecessary or give unnecessary work.

12, according to results of our salaried, according to rights promotion, do not look at religion, financial viability, gender, race, or friendship.

13, to create profits should share in the profits, creating more and share more.

14, we also reached budgeting budget.

15, we seek to understand, grow our market share in order to make our business profit and value growth, if we ignore our market share, we will lose the market, and there is the risk of failure.

16, we made a mistake on the recognition. Truth can not be discounted. We report the occurrence and possible problems, not only reports claiming credit thing.

17, we elevate others rather than ourselves, we oppose egalitarianism.

18, we have an independent spirit, but do not own decisions and problems.

19, the customer first, customers are friends.

20, we are all prisoners of hope, but we hope that sustains us, our vision should inspire us to become a leader. "Do not doubt in the darkness saw you in the light of things."

21, we are created in the image of God by our leadership accomplishments to exceed the scope of work. Stories will be life changing for people famous.