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Singapore Singapore Post postal parcel business is conducted and a global postal parcel business services, which includes the International Singapore Post registered parcel, Singapore Post international parcel surface two kinds Singapore Postal Service products. Singapore Post and the Hong Kong International parcel international parcel service for small items, like airmail products can arrive postal outlets around the world. Cross-border e-commerce as a professional logistics provider for e-commerce services provided by the seller has a comprehensive and affordable postal program.

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1) Reasonable price: relative to other modes of transport (such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the parcel service has the absolute price advantage;

2) Courier advantages: direct flights from Shenzhen to Singapore, then from Singapore forwarded to many countries worldwide, without secondary clearance in Singapore; parcels sent from SFC commences the day after 1-2 days available online tracking;

3) Safety: Singapore Post international parcel services are provided by the world recognized quality products reach most countries the normal transit time is only 10 to 18 days, and the substitution rate, both quickly and safely.

Price Tariff

1) freight

Registered: 97RMB/KG +12 RMB / piece (registration fee)

2) Tariff \ clearance fees etc.

Singapore postal packets out of customs duties or does not produce clearance fees, but in the country of destination may produce import tariffs, depending on the requirements of each country are different customs tax.

Reference aging

Reference delivery time is usually 10 to 18 days, if the encounter holidays, registered letter to be extended two days, the surface will need to be extended for 10 days.

Size and weight restrictions

1) Weight Limit:

• Small Packets weight limit 2KG;

2) size limit:

• Square goods: length + width + height ≤ 90CM, length ≤ 60CM unilateral

• Park-axis-shaped cargo: length plus twice the diameter of ≤ 104CM, length ≤ 90CM unilateral

Restricted articles

According to the terms of international aviation restrictions can not be mailed or mailed to all goods, such as chemicals, powders, liquids, inflammable and explosive materials and other dangerous goods as well as alcohol and tobacco, cash and marketable securities, infringing products.

Compensation / Insurance

1) surface such as loss can not be compensated; such as Italy, Nigeria and other countries, parcel packet loss rate is extremely high, please use registered mail or courier is best way;

2) According to the declared value to compensate, but not exceeding 280RMB, you can not retire International; registration fee is non-refundable;

3) Singapore postal packets do not provide insurance services.

4) If prior to the post office lost: In accordance with the declared value of compensation, the maximum compensation for 40 yuan / KG + shipping;