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DHL E-commerce line

DHL electricity suppliers Line
DHL electricity suppliers Line, is Jarry logistics according to customer needs, develop a specialized high-end business customers launched a fine lines, high price, the use of this circuit not only price concessions, but also time soon, is packet products in general can not achieve, can be said to be in fine lines of business logistics the collection, customer response is good, and simple operation, query query directly on the DHL website, convenient and simple.
The service name: DHL electricity suppliers Line
Service range: mainly Europe and the United states:
France Germany Italy Holland Spain Belgium Luxemburg
Austria Denmark Finland Sweden Poland Greece Norway Hungary
Ireland, Switzerland Lithuania Malta Andorra Cyprus Gibraltar Jersey
Romania Slovenia Latvia Czech Estonia Republic Guernsey Faroe Islands Slovakia
Portugal Croatia Iceland Bulgaria the Canary Islands
Service price: the weight limit: ≤ 4.5KG
Size: length width and ≤ 90 cm, longest diameter ≤ 45 cm reference time: 5-7 days
Tariff: enter the destination country may produce tariff
Parcel query: https://www.dhl.com
Insurance claims:
A, after a week without any Internet information, in accordance with the declaration of value or the highest votes for each not exceeding 100USD
B, after January is still only the Internet information without updating the information, in accordance with the declaration of value or the highest votes for each not exceeding 100USD
C, after March because the shipper reason not submitted, in accordance with the declaration of value or votes for each not exceeding 100 USD
D, not because the other countries posting parcel customs or the recipient objective reasons not to post, to help our customers to query this thing, do not take the compensation scheme
Prohibited or restricted articles:
Dangerous goods and international aviation embargo banned the export of the goods.
Send a request:
1 orders (package information) are uploaded to DHL electric system, details of the Advisory Service staff of our company.
2 package is adhered to order bar codes and declarations, as far as possible not to take other unrelated logo, logo fragile fragile articles suggested paste.
3 the correct input DHL electric line EXCEL template, which names need to detail, not to declare to the Gift, Sample and other words.
4 orders can be bulk upload, support only temporarily English recipient address.
Other description:
The 1 declaration using the English fill in by the requirement, fill in the declaration of value suggestions according to the actual value
2 return fee: goods due to causes not successful delivery recipient will directly back to the Singapore Post, optional returned or local destroyed, returned to fee, period of 6-8 weeks.
3 package since leaving the transit Singapore began 1-3 months and no delivery can apply for open check (English customer service is responsible for tracking cargo track, enhance security).
4 the declared value: temporary unlimited, such as value is too high, it may produce import tariff!