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Shenzhen Airport Air Cargo Business Profile

Shenzhen Airport to both passenger and cargo, on the basis of great importance to the development of domestic and international passenger traffic on to expand domestic and international freight, focusing on strengthening

Airports and airlines, freight forwarders, strategic partnership between the customer and improve air cargo software and hardware facilities, the establishment of effective coverage beads

Freight network platform Triangle area, will gradually develop the Shenzhen Airport in southern China to become a super cargo gateway airport. As of June 2014, Shenzhen

Airport has navigation and Global 111 cities (including: 88 domestic cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region four cities, foreign cities 19); Air has opened

Line 160 (of which: domestic routes 133, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan routes 4, 23 international routes; domestic all-cargo route 24, the international all-cargo aircraft

Line 14); at Shenzhen Airport cargo plane operated by seven airlines, including domestic all-cargo airlines 5, international all-cargo airline

Division 2. 2012, according to Airports Council International (ACI) statistics, Shenzhen Airport cargo throughput ranked No. 24 in the world airport, China

Ranked first four mainland airports.

Service purposes

Create a neutral and impartial, effective and orderly freight services platform

Uphold the principles of neutrality and fair, the company set up a logistics park, international cargo terminal (Lufthansa joint venture), the domestic cargo terminal and bonded logistics shipment monitoring center

Centre to provide basic operating services, provision of public venues and agents operating reservoir area, and to promote Customs reform and innovation, improve the hardware basis with

Sets, improve service quality and operational efficiency, all to freight-related customer satisfaction for the construction guidelines.

Specific services

First, domestic and international air services

Shenzhen Airport has 87 cities with navigation, 70 domestic cities, foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas of the city 17; has opened 125 routes, domestic

107 routes, 15 international routes, which accounted for 19 all-cargo flights; Shenzhen airport can provide global coverage and the import and export of transport services

Country's domestic air transport of the city, is positioned as the Civil Aviation Administration of China: South China air cargo and express mail distribution center.

Second, the empty - ground and air - air and land transit service

Outside air cargo from Shenzhen airport and then run off to the mainland China empty city; outside air cargo truck to Shenzhen Airport and then turn off to mainland China

City; Hong Kong, Shenzhen airport cargo truck idling off again to the mainland Chinese cities; Hong Kong, Shenzhen Airport cargo truck to truck and then turn off to China

Mainland cities. Achieve seamless, easy transit procedures, reduce costs and aging protection.

Third, the international and domestic express mail service

Shenzhen Airport International Express Supervision Center, for customs, inspection and quarantine departments and enterprises to create a specification for each shipment, smooth clearance

Environment for the operation of air logistics and express Shenzhen Airport to provide efficient service platform, currently twenty-furniture business international express declaration

Express company to provide quality services, it is the only express Shenzhen express air-land port.

Third, the Bonded Logistics Service

Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center covers an area of 115,000 square meters one, can provide customers with the following features: 1, bonded warehousing; 2, international matter

Flow distribution; 3, simple processing and circulation of value-added services; 4, import trade and entrepot trade; 5, deep processing and into the center of that is tax work


Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center enjoy specialties regulatory policy: 1, "tour" while handling the formalities out of the center, "the original car into the original car out"

Without unloading; 2, turn, turn out centralized customs clearance; 3, within range of each airport customs supervision station Accessible allocation; 4, simple processing business in advance

For the record, we do not need approval by a single vote.

Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center has the following advantages: 1,365 Days X24 hour cargo clearance operations; within 2.5 minutes to reach the main transport network

Network, 30 minutes to reach the road crossings; 3, you can use the cross-border customs clearance mode, fast transfer of goods between Hong Kong; 4, the combination of

Air, land, sea and different modes of transport, can build a diversified service system.

Fourth, customs clearance services

Shenzhen Airport is the Chinese mainland's most complete one of the most convenient airport customs clearance:

1,24 hour clearance, clearance operations 2 365 days, one-stop service, all documentation procedures can handle the logistics building completed; 3, to achieve the sea,

Land and air transport, to carry out various types of multi-clearance operations; 4, Shenzhen and Hong Kong rapid cross-border transport, Huanggang Port-free; 5, the cargo was

Flow can park for export tax rebates and other services.

Fifth, value-added services

Door to door delivery services; network DDU \ DDP services; dangerous goods identification services; customs agents, inspection services; cargo insurance agency services; domestic

International warehousing services;

Sixth, the Hong Kong - Shenzhen / Shenzhen - Hong Kong fast transit transport services transport services

Enhance Hong Kong's import and export customs clearance speed through air cargo between Shenzhen and mainland cities, Shenzhen and Hong Kong rapid cross-border transport, Huanggang Port-free plus

Speed circulation of goods, the international air cargo carriers to take advantage of the Shenzhen airport facilities and ground services good, with Hong Kong developed international flight

Empty network for seamless links, thereby providing high-quality service to shippers.

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