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Declarations, hangtags, shipper fill demonstration

First, fill out the packet declarations:

1, in the "name and address of the sender" field fill in your name and address.

For example: "Zhou Han Tel: 134xxxxxxxx Rm 4xx, xx #, xx lane, Dingxiang Rd, Pu Dong district, Shanghai, China"

2, the recipient's name, address (including country of destination name) "field fill in your customer's name, address and country name."

For example: "Jack Lee" --- Recipient Name "Tel: 404 xxx xxxx" --- the recipient's phone

"2xxx Mission College Blvd" --- Recipient Street Address

"Santa, CA 9xxxx" --- Santa (city), CA (State / Province), 9xxxx (Zip)

"USA" --- Country

3, in the "contents to the name (and number)" column fill in your name of the item, quantity, weight and value.

For example: For example, your shipment is a music box, you can fill out "Music Box, 1.70g, $ 15USD"

4, the choice of the nature of the article can be selected according to the situation.

In this case, music box value is not high, so the provisions of the national postal service, that is within a reasonable amount for personal use, no fee tariffs. So select "gift."

5, shown with the red line marked section, you can fill out the post office staff under the guidance of, or on behalf of the post office staff fill.

6, in the "Remarks" column, you can under the circumstances of the case do some goods description.

For example: fill out the "plastic material, non-pressure", it shows that the article, can not be placed under heavy objects, or may be damaged, so that goods in transit to avoid being crushed.

7, the last in the "Date and sender signature" field, enter your name and mailing date.

For example: "Zhou Han 2008.12.25"


1 In the "sender name and address" field, fill in your address must be detailed, so that items could be returned, the post office will be mailed back to your address.

(2) For the remarks column filled should be as simple and straightforward. Because every day to deal with thousands of postal parcels. So to be concise, so that postal workers at a glance.

Second, small packets to fill the declaration tag

1 In the "Message Type" column under the circumstances to choose, consistent attention and complete declarations.

For example: declarations selected gifts, then here, select "gift", pay attention to fill in postal items and parcels of items should be consistent, otherwise, once discovered by customs, probably will be deducted off.

2 In the "internals detailed description and quantity" to fill the name and quantity of goods. For example: "Music Box 1".

3 In "Weight (kg)" column, fill in the weight of items. For example: "0.07kg".

4 In the "Value" column, fill in the value of goods. For example: "$ 15 USD"

5 in the red marked part, for fill, you can fill out under the guidance of postal workers.


1. "Weight (kg)" column, the unit is "kg" --- kg, you need to pay attention to fill other units converted into "kg".

2. "Value" column, fill in the national currency with the reach can also be marked on the side yuan, and here is the value of goods do not include transportation costs, when you fill out only the value of the items required to complete it.

Three, EMS waybills to fill

1. "Sender" fill in your name. For example: "Zhou Han"

2. "Phone (very important)," fill in your phone. For example: "134xxxxxxxx"

Three. "City," Fill your city. For example: "Shanghai Shanghai"

4. "State" Fill your country. For example: "China China"

5. "Address" fill in your address details. For example: "Rm 4xx, xx #, xx lane, Dingxiang Rd, Pu Dong district, Shanghai, China"

6. "Zip code" enter your zip code. For example: "200122"

7 cargo attribute selection, according to the circumstances. Example: Select "articles"

8. "Detailed items within the" fill in the details of article. For example: "Within items Details: Music Box" "Pieces: 1" "Weight: 0.07kg" "Declared Value:" $ 15 US "" Country of Origin: China China "

9. "To" fill in your customer's name. For example: "Jack Lee"

10. "Urban" to fill your customers' city. For example: "Santa"

11. "Country" to fill your customers' country. For example: "USA"

12. "Address" to fill your customer address close partnership. For example: "Jack Lee" --- Recipient Name; "2xxx Mission College Blvd" --- Recipient Street Address; "Santa, CA 9xxxx" --- Santa (city), CA (State / Province), 9xxxx Code; "USA" --- State;

13. "ZIP" to fill your customer's ZIP code. For example: "95052"

14. "Telephone" fill in your customer's phone number. For example: "404 xxx xxxx"

15 shown with red areas marked by a postal worker fill.

16. "Track Number" Using this number, you can track this number on the EMS website.


1 You and your customer's phone is very important in the EMS right address when in doubt, it will contact you by telephone or your customer, check the address or notification express arrives.

2. EMS international courier waybill special blocks, four copies can be filled in, but require you to force writing, or writing the following documents may be unable to determine