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How to pack special items

Special items of packaging

● antiques and works of art:

If the items are sure to have glass items and glass packaged separately and labeled "Fragile" label. Do not let the artwork rub paper, hardboard or wrinkled surface to avoid scratching.

● coins, stamps or jewelry:

Packaging of such items to be cautious. With a bigger box, enabling to avoid the backlog of goods in transit, jewelry and precious stones in international transport may be especially limited

System, so please consult your freight company.

● collectibles, pottery, glassware:

Fragile, outside the outer box must be large enough to accommodate 7-8 cm thick cushioning material. Pieces of the product should be packaged separately, packing, ensure that no collision. Property

Products should at the center of the box, away from the bottom corner of the box and the other box surface to prevent damage. If the product is a hollow vase, vases filled with paper and make it

More solid.

● photographs, electronic products, computer:

Best to use the original packaging, if exposed electronic components, you should use anti-static packaging. Do not use foam particles, kraft paper, blankets and newspapers.

Additional luxury goods packaging

● a handwritten or printed business cards introduced, allows buyers to remember your store, lay the foundation for the next visit.

● a list of receivables goods, a good product with perfect service, I believe you will soon be able to become a well-known businesses on eBay.