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Seven ban the export tax rebate: You can not apply for export tax rebates seven acts

1. the name of self-export enterprises to export, but does not bear the quality of export goods, foreign exchange or refund risk that liability claims occurred export goods quality problems do not undertake outward (except for contracts liable agreed quality person); not It fails to lead to settlement can not assume responsibility for verification (except for foreign exchange contract agreed upon by the responsibility); declaration of export tax rebate is not responsible for information, documents and other problems caused no tax liability.

2. Export enterprises to self nominal exports, its export business substantially by other operators and enterprises to invest in this business other than (or business, self-employed and other individuals) under the guise of the export business done in the name of the operation.

3. After customs clearance of export goods, export freight forwarding companies themselves or entrust cargo carrier for the sum of bills of lading (other modes of transport, in order to deliver to the consignor the carrier transport document shall prevail) Name on the specifications and other modifications, resulting in export goods declaration and related content does not match the bill of lading.

4. export enterprises will be blank declaration of export goods, export receipt write off single export refund (exemption) in addition to the documents signed by the commission contract of freight forwarding companies, customs brokers, importers or designated by foreign freight forwarding company (provided the contract or other relevant evidence) than the other units or individuals to use.

5. export enterprises to self nominal exports, the export of the same batch of goods both signed the purchase contract, and sign an agency export contracts (or protocol).

6. No substantive export enterprises involved in export business activities, accept and engage in other export business introduced by an intermediary, but still self-nominal exports.

7. Other violation of state laws and regulations relating to the export tax rebate behavior.