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How to avoid container demurrage in transit?

Set mannerisms way through the carriage of goods can be kept clean cargo box to protect the security of cargo, reduce the damage, and in order to guarantee the smooth flow of containers, to avoid tying up stagnation use containers, container owner - the owner gave Container Users - Importer specifies a time limit within which the time limit, the goods packed in the box for free. Over this period of time, if the goods are not pulled from the box, take the container, then they would have to pay a fixed fee to the owner of a day, which is called the lag box fee.

Mostly free of import containers to ship to the port of destination within 10 days, from 10 days after the ship to Hong Kong container demurrage calculation.

Here to tell you about a return of empty containers fastest method, enabling you to return the empty containers as soon as possible, to avoid or reduce container demurrage.

In particular: the goods for import clearance procedures at the same time, importers can understand the shipowner Which container yard will be back, and then contact with the yard, from the yard under the cargo fleet will be released after the direct reference to the yard , dig in the yard inside the box, and then need the goods transported by rail or car to the final destination. So that took out the goods, while the container even gone back empty, so the other teams than with the suitcase go to the warehouse and then return empty containers dig box to specify the yard, saving at least two days.

 When importing large number of containers, using this method not only for customs clearance prepare some more time, and can reduce the lag box fee. For example, a company imports 48 20-foot container of goods, after the owner learned back empty container yard, and yard sign their agreement, its affiliated teams dig box directly from the port city suitcase to the yard, and then by the factory to yard delivery. And precisely this consignment clearance, due to delays in the customs clearance issue at trial, so that the boat to Hong Kong just after the first 10 days of this customs clearance of goods. Get the single customs clearance, container yard team immediately referred dig yard box. This saves usd480.00 container demurrage and 4800 yuan back empty fee.