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18-step the whole process of foreign trade documents

1. Customer Inquiry:
Usually before the customer under perchaseOrder, you will have the relevant Order Inquiry to the business, doing something about the details of.

2. Quote:
Business guests respond promptly to inquiries to determine the goods name, model number, manufacturer, quantity, delivery, payment, packaging specifications and cabinet

Type, etc., peroforma Invoice to the customer to do a formal offer.

3. Get the order:
After their talks, the official receipt of customer orders perchaseOrder.

The production order:
The order is confirmed by the guests, to the factory orders, arrange production plan.

5. Business approval:
Business after receipt of the order, first of all to make business audit table. Press the "export contract audit table" items fill out as much as possible the various expected

Costs are listed. Guests must be accompanied by the approval of contracts fax orders, purchase contracts with factories. Review form to be signed by the clerk, department manager

Approval, and then pay after management unit personnel to perform the audit. General manager with significant amounts, or terms of advances and commissions, to go through the company

Approval of the job. After the approval of contracts, sales orders made, to the department staff to follow up.

6. Production Notification issued:
Operations in determining the delivery time, to meet the following conditions may be issued with notices factory production time.

6.1 If the L / C payment customers, usually a month to confirm L / C has been received before the delivery after received L / C should clerk and vouching points

Do not examine the letter of credit, check if there are errors, to safeguard the delivery, and other possible problems, any questions should be asked to change the card immediately Guests

6.2 If the client T / T payment, make sure the deposit has been credited into account.

6.3 If it is to put the customer account, or by bank D / A receipt, etc., etc., required to confirm the manager.

7. Inspection:
7.1 In the week before delivery, to notify the company surveyors inspection.

7.2 If the guests want their own inspection personnel or designated inspection, and to delivery a week ago, some customers check cargo and cargo inspection date inform plan Section.

7.3 If the guest specified by a third party inspection and other inspection companies or lines of justice, and to delivery and inspection contact two weeks ago, inspection appointment

Time to ensure delivery before the arranged time. OK, the factory inspection time notification.

8. Preparation of basic documents:
Packing materials factories, production export contracts, export commercial invoice, packing list and other documents (produced by the business Merchandiser, to the documents Member).

9. Inspection:
If the national statutory inspection products to the factory in order to show when the inspection requirements and provide export contracts, invoices and other inspection required information

. And to tell the export port facility in the future products, easy plant for inspection. Should get the inspection replacement vouchers / bar a week before shipment.

10. The charter provides warehouse:
10.1 If the contract is signed with the customers FOB CHINA terms, guests will usually specify the shipping agent or shipping company. As soon as possible and freight forwarding

Contact this invoice intention of understanding will arrange export ports, sailing, etc., delivery Q confirm whether the plant prior to start sailing at least one

Weeks ago, and sailing can meet delivery on request. Warehouses shall give written notice (ING before delivery to the shipping company in two weeks

ORDER), usually get a position paper the week before departure.

10.2 If the freight is paid by the seller, as soon as possible to the shipping company or shipping company consulting schedules, tariffs, sailing port and so on. By comparison, selection

Price, good reputation, sailing appropriate shipping company, and told the clerk notifies guests. Such as when guests do not agree to elect the guests recognized

Shipping companies. Fixed positions in writing two weeks before sailing, the program above.

10.3 If the goods are not enough when a small cabinet, the need to take bulk cargo, freight forwarding company to set bulk positions. When got warehousing of paper, but also understand the cut off time

, Warehousing customs requirements, and so on.

10.4 Fixed positions to the transport company, be sure to fax a written position paper, the contents of schedules, container type and quantity, indicate the port of destination may be, in order to avoid Error.

11. The arrangement Trucking:
11.1 cargo inspection through the good and commissioned towing companies mentioned cabinet, loading. Towing companies should choose safe, reliable, reasonably priced companies have signed

Given the long-term cooperation agreement to ensure the safety and punctuality. Give the towing company fax the following information: the warehouses confirmation / release cabinet paper, shipping companies, warehouses

Number, haulage power of attorney stating the loading time, container type and quantity, loading address, customs brokers, and shipping ports and so on. If there Surveyors see

Loading, to specifically declare, can not arrive late. And requested the return of an OTC data, specify the cabinet number, license plate number, drivers and telephone.

11.2 fax information to a loading facility, stated OTC time, container type, warehouse number, order number, license plate number and driver contact phone number.

11.3 requires the container leaving the factory after factory fax a copy of the notification to the Department of loading as soon as possible, setting out the container from the factory time, the actual number of loading, etc.

And note the number and the seal number as boxing bill of materials. We asked the factory loading must remember the seal.

12. Delegate declaration:
Trucking while in the required information to customs cooperation customs brokers, commission export declaration and clearance for a single inspection done. Usually set aside two days to give the declaration

Time (boat cut off before). When Delegate declaration should provide a loading information, including the load, and the number of ports, shipping companies, will be

Warehouse number, container number, boat cut off time, towing companies, container type and quantity, of the company's contacts and telephone.

13. Obtaining transport documents:
13.1 no later than within two days after sailing, feeding content to fax the bill of lading to the shipping company or freight forwarder. Feeding according to find L / C or guests to

Seeking to do, and give the correct quantity of goods, as well as some special requirements, including the requirements of shipping companies shipping bill of lading accompanying proof.

13.2 urge the shipping company as soon as the bill of lading and freight bill model. Carefully check the sample is correct, the contents of the written confirmation of lading to the shipping company. In case

Records required upon confirmation, the first model to the guests fax lading, shipping companies then requested confirmation of the original.

13.3 timely payment of transport fees, notify the shipping company after payment of lading and other shipping documents to get in. Registration should be done to pay the freight.

14. prepare other documents:
14.1 Commercial Invoice: document L / C requirements provided for the most demanding commercial invoice. To determine the date of the invoice after the issuing date, cross

Before shipment period. Invoice description of the goods to be identical to the L / C on, lowercase and uppercase amount to be correct. Article on the invoice L / C on

Shall be displayed to show marks. If the invoice must apply for other embassy certification, generally 20 days in advance to handle.

14.2 FORMA Certificate of Origin: FORM A certificate of origin before shipment to Quarantine bid. It should be noted that the ship date to the L / C

Prior to delivery and set sail May, after the invoice date. Failed to apply for prior to shipment, and to issue the certificate after handling required to provide declarations,

Bill of lading and other documents. Via Hong Kong goods, FORM A certificate is usually to go to Hong Kong, China inspection company for endorsement to prove that the goods in Hong Kong not to

It was reprocessed.

14.3 General Certificate of Origin: General Certificate of Origin may apply for Trade Promotion in China, requiring lower. It can be shipped in time not too long after

Within retroactive. If the certificate of origin to apply for endorsement of the embassy, and also the same invoice to 20 days in advance to handle.

14.4 shipment notification: general requirements within a few days after sailing, to inform the guests shipment details, including name, flight times, sailing date,

Expected arrival date, cargo and quantity, amount, number of packages, marks, agents and other port of destination. Sometimes L / C requested to send proof, such as Biography

True report, sent a letter to reprint, etc., being careful within the time required to handle guests.

14.5 Packing List: Packing list should clearly indicate that the goods packing case. To display the number per carton, the carton of gross, net, outside the box foot

Inch. The total volume calculated according to carton size to match the total volume indicated. To show marks and box number in order to look at the guests. Packing

Single weight and volume to match the bill of lading in.

15. L / C exchange earnings:
15.1 use L / C exchange earnings, should be within the specified pay a single time, get ready all the documents, and strict examination of documents, make sure there are no errors, just pay the bank


15.2 using T / T exchange earnings, immediately after obtaining the bill of lading bill of lading to the guests fax payment confirmation by the balance after the original bills of lading and other documents

Guests pieces mailed.

15.3 If the T / T exchange earnings, receive the full amount requested to do the cabinet, and then to wait for payment arrangements Trucking. Get the original bill of lading can be sent immediately

To the guests.

16. Business Registration:
Every single export business done in a timely manner after completion of registration, including computer registration and registration in writing, to facilitate later queries, statistics and so on.

17. File Archive:
All the documents, L / C and a set of negotiation documents must be retained for future reference purposes.

18. The collection of information:
Dan Zhengyuan usually should pay attention to changes in tariff collection, schedules, routes and other information to help sales offer.