Jarry Air Cargo(HK) Limited

Fake, fake brand goods products such restrictions send parcels will handle?

1 customer parcel shall not enclose cash, flammable, explosive, fragile items, related to copyright, intellectual property items, illegal substances, as well as airlines and the law prohibited articles, Courier will not shipping. Breach of the prohibition on consignment customer requirements for all damage caused, couriers will not take any responsibility.

2 parcels courier after receiving the client will be checking parcels within the article. If found fake, fake brand goods, dangerous goods, Courier will buckle under the day's violation of this customer to send parcels and detained after a week in order to be refunded to the customer.

3 If fake, fake brand goods, dangerous goods checks to not express, but was seized by customs, all liability and damages by the customer. The Company reserves the right to claim to this customer.