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Focus | ZTE is in a hurry! Shipping logistics is in crisis! The Sino-US trade war is pushing the heart of the Chinese industry!

Yesterday, the Ramp government once again upgraded its trade war and stabbed China's “core lacking” weakness. After the Anglo-American law accurately hit Syria over the weekend, the United Kingdom and the United States launched a round of precision “blow” against Chinese high-tech companies. ZTE became the first The target, from the current situation, this is just the beginning!

On April 16th, U.S. time, it was announced that it would ban US companies from selling any electronic technology or communication components to Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE. The ban would last for 7 years until March 13, 2025. At the same time, the UK National Cyber Security Center also issued new recommendations to warn the telecommunications industry not to use ZTE's equipment and services. The self-sufficiency rate of the base station chip is almost 0, which has become the most thorny issue in ZTE's embargo, and there is no domestic chip maker to provide alternative products. The consequence is that it can only stop production and stop production directly, which has a major impact!

Focus | ZTE is in a hurry! Shipping logistics is in crisis! The Sino-US trade war is pushing the heart of the Chinese industry!

From this Sino-U.S. trade war, the first fall may be the domestic telecommunications company ZTE. ZTE is in an emergency! The suppliers of ZTE Logistics Shipping are bound to be greatly affected! Precisely, apart from the first time within ZTE, the "Crisis Response Working Group" was established. ZTE suppliers also have an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures. Are you affected by the readers? What do you think?

Then Huawei, Hikvision, etc.?

The United States "New York Times" specifically mentioned that in addition to "ZTE", China's other communications equipment giant "Huawei" is also facing the high risk of being punished by Trump. In fact, the U.S. government has already begun requiring its law enforcement agencies to collect "criminal evidence" that "Huawei" may involve "espionage" and sell US technology to U.S.-sanctioned countries.

In January and March this year, the two American mobile phone retailers, AT&T and Best Buy, also suspended “Huawei” smartphone sales on their channels for “security reasons.” In addition, from the report of the US “Wall Street Journal”, the “ZTE” blockade this time is just the beginning of Trump’s stifling high-tech companies in China. The United States’ “The New York Times” believes that the blockade of “ZTE” is an inevitable result of the intensification of Trump’s trade war with China, and the fundamental reason why he blocked ZTE is to fight the “Made in China 2025” planned by the Chinese government. The plan will prevent China from using American technology to surpass the United States.