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US Tariff List 301 For China

The United States issued a list (301) recommending the collection of tariffs on Chinese products. The U.S. trade representative proposed to impose an additional 25% tariff on Chinese products on the list and impose tax on Chinese imports.

The value of goods compensates for the technological losses suffered by the United States.

Under the provisions of Section 301, the U.S. Trade Agents Association publishes a list of proposed tariffs for Chinese products.

Washington, DC - USTR (USTR) today announced a list of products imported from China. These lists may be products from China.

This is part of the US response to the unfair trade practices related to the forced transfer of technology and intellectual property rights between China and the United States. Affected by additional tariffs.

Following the investigation by the U.S. Trade Representative Office 301, President Trump announced in March that the United States will levy tariffs on Chinese imports worth about US$50 billion and

Take other measures to cope with China’s policy of compelling US companies to transfer their technology and intellectual property to Chinese domestic companies. These policies have strengthened China’s “industrial

The intention of the advanced technology sector to achieve economic leadership, such as "Made in China 2025", is described in the plan.

The proposed product list is based on a wide range of inter-agency economic analysis and will target products that benefit from China's industrial plan, while minimizing the

Economic impact. The proposed tariffs include aerospace, information and communications technology, robotics and machinery.

The proposed list covers approximately 1300 individual tariff items and will be further reviewed during public notice and commentary, including hearings. After this process is completed

USTR will issue a final decision on the products subject to additional tariff restrictions.

Affected by the investigation of U.S. trade agency company 301 terms, the economic analysis of China’s uneconomical technology transfer policy damage to the U.S. economy is equivalent to import tariffs.

The total value of imports.

The announcement today was made after a few days after the U.S. Trade Representative proposed to negotiate with China to resolve China’s discriminatory technology licensing requirements in the WTO.

Cloth. This consultation is the first step in the WTO dispute settlement process. If the United States and China cannot reach a solution through consultations, the United States may request a

The WTO dispute settlement team will review the matter.


Note: All products classified in the eight subtitles of the United States Unified Tariff Schedule listed in this annex are included in the proposed scope of action. The product description contained in this annex only

For reference purposes, it is not intended to define the scope of the proposed action in any way. Any questions regarding the scope of the HTSUS subtitle should be submitted to U.S. Customs and Borders

Environmental Protection Agency. In product descriptions, the abbreviations "nesoi" and "Nesi" mean "not listed or included in other numbers".


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