Jarry Air Cargo(HK) Limited

FEDEX Amazon FBA requirements

Hong Kong FedEx received the following prompt, all Amazon FBA shipments (regardless of whether doing tariff to pay), which produces a tariff and other additional costs will be billed directly to the customer mailing.

Our update Federation Send transport requirements are as follows:

1 to Amazon warehouses non-US FDA certified products, declared 400USD or less acceptable to pay export duties (DDU);

2 cargo declaration more than 400USD, tariffs must be paid in export or provide an effective clearance company before export;

3 Amazon warehouses in other countries (excluding the United States), irrespective of the amount declared must provide a valid clearance company or doing export duties paid;

Make the customer aware Xianghuzhuangao. Another further stressed that the consignor please send cargo before a rigorous examination of the correctness of the declaration accompanying documentation, our company will not be posted to check before FEDEX, such as the invoice with the goods because the declared customs value have been identified as under-reporting and other reasons, problems caused by cargo clearance, customs clearance and other costs, the company will be charged directly to the sender, and service providers bill indefinitely restrictions service providers are billing all costs prevail!